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RadicalEdge Learning Consultants

RadicalEdge is a company born in 2016 with a passion to ignite minds of individuals who have tremendous potential to leap from good to great.

Our logo stands for who we are, we BELIEVE that each of us have the capability to think beyond the ordinary and elevate ourselves to achieve the limitless. 

RadicalEdge is a passionate organization facilitating highest quality training, coaching and consulting services to help an individual to leap from good to great in personal and professional life, thus Contributing to self and organization’s success.

We specialize in Emotional Intelligence Assessments,Leadership coaching, Facilitation and Mindfulness.

One stop solution for every learning need. Most important…we simply love people! 

Our Edge


We learn about you

We take the time to learn about you and your needs. We ensure that you know us too. Mutual trust is a key component of successful relationships
 and successful solutions to complex situations.


We bring you the best talent!

We have the best talent across major cities in India and abroad for  all your learning needs. Each of them have expertise and experience which are 15years and above.

Your business is our business

We invest in each and every project. We take the time to do our homework, so that our learning solutions provide your business with a clear road-map to increase productivity, efficiency, overall communication and employee morale.

Insurance Consultation

We do our homework

We know about traditions! We know the skills that others bring to the marketplace. We work hard and efficiently to see the future – to find out what’s coming and how best to integrate it into human resource and organizational solutions that move you  ahead of your competition. We do this in every category – Customer Service, Leadership and Management, Employee Development and Customer Satisfaction!

Taking Notes

Our Presence


Connect with us to know more about us 

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