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Vanitha Choudhari

Vanitha Choudhari is one of the first Genos certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioners in India. She comes with over two and half decades of transforming individuals and organizations through her Impactful learning intervention, coaching and mentoring.

Vanitha also coaches women and budding professionals in the subject so they can achieve optimal work-life balance. She is also a Business Mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (UK) and holds a certification in Women Entrepreneurship from NSRCEL, Goldman Sachs & IIM Bangalore.


RadicalEdge is a company born in 2016 with a passion to ignite the minds of individuals who have tremendous potential to leap from good to great.

Our logo stands for who we are, we BELIEVE that each of us has the capability to think beyond the ordinary and elevate ourselves to achieve the limitless.

RadicalEdge is a passionate organization facilitating the highest quality training, coaching, and consulting services to help an individual to leap from good to great in personal and professional life, thus Contributing to self and the organization's success.

We specialize in Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Leadership coaching & Facilitation, and Mindfulness.

One-stop solution for every learning need.
Most important...we simply love people!

About RadicalEdge Learning Consultant

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The company's primary mission is to provide top-tier training, coaching, and consulting services that empower individuals to surpass their current level of achievement.

RadicalEdge is dedicated to delivering gold-standard quality services that enable individuals to take a quantum leap from good to great.

At RadicalEdge, our vision is to become the leading training
and coaching company, with a focus on transforming
individuals and organizations to realize their full potential.

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  • Genos EI Master Practitioner

  • DISC Behavioral Assessment

  • Certified Coach for RCS (Result Coaching System) Australia

  • Advance Coaching - Franklin Covey, USA

  • Hogan Assessment

  • MBSR- Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, USA

  • Creative Thinking – Imperial College of London

  • Negotiation and Influencing- Yale University

  • LSIP - Large-scale interactive processes certification by Institution Builders

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic program) from Sue Knight

  • Psychotherapist Practitioner

  • POSH

Certifications & Credentials

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