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Calming Space

What is it all about?

A calming space is an area where you can go to relax, refocus and recenter.


The Calming space is a supportive therapeutic environment that assists in your self-calming efforts by offering you an environment of relaxation.

It is a designated virtual space designed to calm the senses where you can experience calming visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli.

Calm Lake

How it supports you?

This sensory supportive environment will provide tools to help you understand your behavior and refocus. Some of the tools may be:


Breathing activities

lovely-mountain-path(1) (1).jpg

Guided Imagery

Untitled-design-2-4 (1).png

Brain breaks

Mindful_acceptance_for_stress (1).jpg



Relaxing Music

Groundedness (1).jpg


What should you do?

1.If you are an individual, sign up at the link below:

2.If you are a corporate and need an exclusive session for employees connect with us at

3.Post-registration you will get a link to join us. You have a choice on the time you want to spend (10 mins to 60 mins experience ) and the tool.



16 June 2021 | 6 PM - 7 PM IST

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