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Future Ready

E.I. - 101

Live Interactive  Webinar

Future Ready  E.I. - 101

Live Interactive  Webinar


What is Future Ready all about?

Emotional Intelligence is considered the key to the future. With Artificial Intelligence and automation taking over routine physical and rational tasks, emotional intelligence is fast emerging as a key differentiator and one of the top skills that will set you apart from the crowd. Forbes, the World Economic Forum, Harvard Business Review, the McKinsey Group, etc., are just some of the reputable publications and organizations that have listed EI among the top 8 skills required in the times to come. This practical 3-hour session focuses on EI and the competencies that you need to be mindful of, and practice every day to move the needle. Together we will help you get ‘future ready’ by creating awareness of, and developing high EI behaviours in your life.

Outcomes of Future Ready E.I. - 101

In this program, you will:

  • Explore the neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence

  • Examine tools and techniques for effectively using EI in our daily​ life 

  • Explore techniques for developing awareness of self and others 

  • Examine how we can use reactive and proactive techniques to build our resilience and effectively manage strong emotions, and

  • Explore an approach for facilitating engagement discussions with colleagues and team members

Why should I choose THIS EI program?

  • The facilitators have a collective work experience of more than 45 years

  • They are certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioners from Genos International

  • Genos International is one of the top 10 assessment companies in the world for last 3 years consistently

  • We don’t teach, nor preach, we show you the path to practice successful EI behaviours

Benefits of attending this session

  • Get a sample of the world class Genos EI assessment 

  • Free need based one-on-one conversation with your facilitators post the session

  • Get introduced to tested tools & models to help you practice emotional intelligence.

  • Learn from facilitators who practice EI daily and how this has enhanced their professional image and career

  • Session workbook


Coming soon 

Course Fees

INR 3000 + GST 


Live Interactive Webinar (Zoom)


3 hours


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Vanitha Choudhari

Neha Datta Malhotra

Master Practitioner of Genos EI

ICF Certified Leadership & Life Coach, EI Practitioner


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