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Sunset Kayak

"We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future".
- Robin Sharma




Pause and Surge ahead

Imagine, you are suddenly transported on a deserted island where there is only the sand, sea and few coconut trees.

What would you do?


Would you be…....

Frustrated, Angry, Flustered, Upset, Helpless or Curse the situation you are in



Would you be calm & utilise this time to explore & invest in yourself to reflect

Deserted island or not, if you have found your way to invest in yourself, perhaps even “accidentally” you are well on your way. And this is the right place to reflect and redirect your synergies to create your plan for 2023.

Floating in the Sea
Kayaking at Sunrise

Are you prepared to welcome 2023 holistically?

Join us on a 21 day journey to Pause, Reflect, Redirect & Rebuild and sow the seeds for the life you dreamed about. 

Over the next 3 weeks, you will learn how to transform your life simply by looking inside yourself. Reema and Vanitha have been practicing and teaching these simple techniques and concepts for over a decade now. Now, they share these with you which are easy to implement, practice time is minimal on a daily basis and get you deeply connected with your POWERFUL SELF.


You may be wondering, why 21 days for the program? Can you totally transform your life in just 3 weeks?

Maybe not totally, but you can plant the seeds.

​​Why should you embark on this journey?

Time to become the architect your own future by: 

  • Creating the Positive Mindset 

  • Learning life skills

  • New habit formation technique

  • Understanding and believing in your self worth

  • Overcoming anger and inner fears

Long Train Ride

Why choose us?

  • This program is curated by Vanitha & Reema and the research is based on works by Louise Hay, Rhonda Bryne, Dorothy Cohen. 

  • Collectively Reema & Vanitha come with 4 decades of experience of working with people as a coach, therapist and a facilitator. 

  • Your daily practice time will not be beyond 10 mins, can be done at your own time & space with further time investment as per your choice

  • For any personal advice or questions for clarification, you can personally message the Admin

  • Interactive live webinar at the end of 21 days as a Q&A, to share personal experiences and feedback.


1 -21 January 2023



Course Fees

INR 299 (Inclusive of GST)



Vanitha Choudhari

Psychotherapy Practitioner


Reema Bathija

Life Coach (ICF), Clinical Hypnotherapist (EKAA) and Trainer


We'd love to hear from you

+91 9980003519


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